Zero Carbon Statement

Cumbria Association of Local Councils Statement on achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2030

CALC has resolved that it “will endeavour to achieve carbon neutrality from its own operations by 2030 and will develop a strategy to achieve this. CALC commits to working with member councils in Cumbria to help them become carbon neutral by 2030.”

CALC as an organisation

All CALC employees currently work from home. Consequently, we have reduced the amount of carbon emissions created by employees due to them not having to travel regularly to a central office location.

The majority of CALC meetings (staff) are held on-line.

All CALC Training is delivered on-line.

All CALC Board meetings are held on-line.

Forums and Information Events for CALC members are held on-line.

We promote car sharing to employees such as attending external meetings that are held face-to-face.

As all staff are home working, we rarely heat, light or power a central office.

Administration and Communications
CALC has adopted a near paperless administration and communications system using electronic filing systems, and electronic information sharing such as e-mail, e-newsletters, CALC social media platforms and the CALC website.

Staff Training
Some of CALC employees have attended and passed Carbon Literacy Training, delivered by Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS), and consequently are certified as Carbon Literate.

Climate Action support for Town and Parish Councils

Information and Resources
CALC has a range of information and resources available to support Town and Parish Councils to take Climate Action. These include the following, all which are available to download on our website

  • Community Energy Support Pack for Town and Parish Councils
  • Green 2 Grow Support Pack
  • How to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency
  • Parish Council Climate Change Toolkit
  • Biodiversity Net Gain Guide for Local Councils

Peer knowledge sharing
We share case studies and examples of town and parish council climate action activities and projects in CALC News, at events by asking them to present as key speakers and in the CALC Annual Review.

CALC has co-ordinated Carbon Literacy Training for local council members, delivered by CAfS.

CALC co-ordinate, host and present at events and forums which are relevant to supporting local councils to take climate action.

These have included:

  • Green 2 Grow Event- CALC & Cumberland Council – 31/10/2024
  • Community Renewable Energy Forum – CALC & CAfS – 29/06/2023
  • Climate Change and Biodiversity, what Local Councils CAN do Forum – CALC & CAfS – 25/01/2024.

Partnership Work

Community Climate Champions Sep 2023 – March 2024 CALC & CAfS

CALC has worked with Cumbria Action for Sustainability on their Community Climate Champions initiative during the 3rd year of the project, supporting them to involve Councillors in the former district of Copeland.  They are trained to become influencers in the local area, generating climate positive action through valuable conversation and events.

Community Renewable Energy Forum 29/06/2023 – CALC & CAfS

Green 2 Grow Event 31/10/2023 – CALC & Cumberland Council

Parish Council Climate Change Toolkit 2022 – CALC and South Lakeland District Council

Westogether 2023 – CALC supported CAfS with the setting up of this Climate Action support group covering the West Coast of Cumbria