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Climate Action and Biodiversity Loss

Town and Parish Councils can support Climate Action by:

• Being informed about Climate Change and understanding we all need to be taking action to cut our carbon footprint and help reach Cumbria's goal of being a net zero carbon county!

• Understanding the existing powers of local councils regarding climate change and how they can be used to take Climate Action — find out more about existing powers

• Declaring a Climate Emergency

• Creating a Climate Action Working Group- then creating and implementing a Climate Action Plan

• Supporting or leading on Climate Action initiatives in your area, such as those in relation to Community Energy, Biodiversity, Greening and Growing and Community Emergency Planning

• Ensuring Neighbourhood Planning enables and supports Green Communities

• Supporting your communities to take individual and collective climate action by sharing relevant information and resources

CALC have resources to support you  here on a range of different topics in relation to Climate Change

There are other organisations in Cumbria who offer support, information, resources and tools in relation to Climate Change (including calculating and understanding your carbon footprint):

Cumbria Action for Sustainability Home - CAfS

Zero Carbon Cumbria About - Zero Carbon Cumbria - Carbon reduction action across the county.

#Copeland Climate Champions Update 

The Zero Carbon Cumbria team at CAfS have now recruited several town and parish councillors in the Copeland area.   

They will be supported by CALC and CAfS to:

• Ensure Climate Change is on the agenda of their Local Council

• Know what Climate Actions their town or parish council can take within their powers and duties

• Use their climate knowledge to share information and support their peers, residents and communities to take climate action

• Receive free training to increase their knowledge and skills in relation to climate science, solutions and practical actions 

Community Energy

CALC have developed a support pack for local councils: Community Energy Support Pack for Town and Parish Council document.

Green 2 Grow

CALC have recently updated the Green 2 Grow Support Pack - available here 

This useful resource can support you in relation to growing and greening activities.

For more information please contact