Forming a Local Council


CALC believes that all communities, whether in a rural or an urban setting, can obtain real benefits from an active local council serving their interests. Some of the urban areas of Cumbria are currently unparished and therefore do not have a local council to represent the interests of the communities within them. A local council is democratically elected and therefore has a legitimacy to speak on behalf of its community and, in CALC's view, this needs to be recognised in the way other public authorities conduct consultations on new policies and proposals.

It is therefore the policy of CALC:

To promote the creation of local councils in the currently unparished areas of Carlisle City and Barrow.

CALC has therefore made the following toolkit (produced by the National Association of Local Councils) available to readers of this website who may be interested in the parishing of these urban areas.

How to Form a Parish Council toolkit (Word doc - 96kb) this document will open in a new window 

In addition, please see the Department of Communities and Local Government for further guidance on Community Governance Reviews.


PDF Community Governance Review - 186KB