Cumbria Association of Local Councils

Parishes in Carlisle

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Upper Denton Cummersdale Carlatton Kingmoor Burtholme Kirklinton Middle Kirklinton Middle Carlatton and Cumrew Westlinton Scaleby Walton Beaumont Orton Orton Waterhead Nether Denton Nether Denton Farlam Midgeholme Hethersgill Cumwhitton Solport and Stapleton Stapleton Burgh By Sands Stanwix Rural Brampton Brampton Irthington Hayton St. Cuthbert Without Castle Carrock Nicholforest Kirkandrews Kirkandrews Kirkandrews Rockcliffe Askerton Askerton Askerton Askerton Dalston Arthuret Arthuret Wetheral Kingwater Kingwater Kingwater Kingwater Kingwater Kingwater Bewcastle Carlisle Parishes

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